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Freelance Software Developer [email protected]

  • Spring Boot, Kotlin, Gradle
  • Thymeleaf, Server Side Rendering
  • Docker, Kubernetes and Helm
  • Angular

Thymeleaf ViewComponent with Java and Maven

I will show you how you can use Thymeleaf ViewComponents with Java and Maven
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Thymeleaf ViewComponent - A new approach to building SSR web applications with Spring Boot

While developing my side project over the last year with thymeleaf I noticed that the templates you serve with the Controller get quite large. You can split them up by using Thymeleaf fragments. But when you nest multiple fragments and use variable expression it is going to get hard to test and quite fragile. That’s why the Idea of ViewComponents came along. There is a similar Library already available for Ruby on Rails which are inspired by react.
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Toasts with Thymeleaf, HTMX and Spring Boot

In this example I will show you how to create toasts that you can define on your server and return as HTMX Response
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Local development with Testcontainers, Kotlin and Spring Boot

It is always the best to keep your development environment as close as you can to your production environment. Don’t use a h2 database as it can behave differently to a production database.
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Fixing the Spring Boot LiveReload Server with Gradle for Thymeleaf and TailwindCSS

I couldn’t get Live Reload with Spring Boot and Thymeleaf to work. But I didn’t want to use bulky node scripts. So I thought we can use Gradle
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